North Mississippi Allstars – World Boogie Is Coming

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World Boogie Is Coming North Mississippi Allstars 2013, Songs of the South, Blues Rock DeezeriTunes by Cyril
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World Boogie Is Coming
North Mississippi Allstars
2013, Songs of the South, Blues Rock
by Cyril

Shame on me, I only knew North Mississipi Allstars from their previous album Keys to the Kingdom. Their style is going deeper into blues rock with 2013’s World Boogie is Coming, which is probably one of the best albums of 2013 that we listened to. The title itself was properly chosen for an album alternating between traditional boogie and heavier blues rock. I immediately thought of Canned Heat’s Future Blues. Riffs are catchy as they could be, sometimes in heavy tones along with great harmonica playing (“JR”), sometimes in a festive boogie-woogie (“Snake Drive”, “Goat Meat”). Between Robert Randolph and Black Joe Lewis (which both have their 2013 albums reviewed on T&S), NMA finds the perfect balance and brings us a proper blues-fest on World Boogie is Coming!
L’avis de Cyril
Si nous connaissions les North Mississipi Allstars depuis quelques années déjà chez Twist & Sound, notamment avec leur album Keys to the Kingdom, cette cuvée 2013 est un millésime à retenir parmi les meilleurs albums de cette année. On y trouve donc un blues-rock excellent, qui m’a immédiatement fait penser à « Future Blues » des Canned Heat, entre boogie traditionnel et blues bien gras. Les rifs sont souvent complètement fous, parfois lents et lourds autour d’harmonica comme sur « JR », parfois en plein boogie comme sur le génial « Snake Drive » ou « Goat Meat ». Entre Robert Randolph et Black Joe Lewis, l’ambiance générale que nous amène les NMA est à la fête au blues sur cet album, et on adore!

Track list
1. JR
2. Goat Meat
3. Rollin ‘N Tumblin
4. Boogie
5. Get The Snakes Out The Woods
6. Snake Drive
7. That Dog After That Rabbit
8. Meet Me In The City
9. Turn Up Satan
10. Shimmy
11. My Babe
12. Granny, Does Your Dog Bite
13. World Boogie
14. Goin’ To Brownsville
15. I’m Leaving
16. Jumper On The Line
17. Cuttin’ Shorty